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2019 Cultural Retreat on the Azores island of Sao Miguel, June 16th-July 2nd 6 people max

Cultural Retreat on the Azores island of Sao Miguel, departing San Fracisco, CA June 16th returning to Oakland, CA July 2nd. The small limited group to 6 people max. If interested contact me via email message on this page.

The artist cultural retreat can be attended by anyone who has an interest in art, which could include
ceramists, ceramic sculptors, writers, poets, photographers, etc.

The retreat will run two weeks, (17 days with 2 days for travel provides 15 days on the island) a schedule
itinerary will be available for the attendees.
There will be no instruction or critique offered by anyone. Attendees to the retreat will have free time to
engage in their particular artistic activities as well as participate in the scheduled cultural experience of the
We have schedule several cultural day trips around the island. Some will be a full day excursions while others
will be half-days for some traditional/cultural experiences as well as special locations to photograph, draw,
sketch and paint or just for inspiration.

The "beautiful photo above was taken by Mr. Joao Camara