New Art Gallery Debuts in Oakland’s Industrial Area

De Brito’s works will be the first to be on exhibit 12/1/2005 -
Contact: Joao de Brito
Phone: 408-348-3400

New Art Gallery Debuts in Oakland’s Industrial Area

OAKLAND, CA—On December 10, 2005 from 6-8:30, The Stone Art Gallery on 50th Avenue in Oakland will hold a grand opening celebration in which local and internationally renowned artists will display paintings and sculptures. According to impressionist/figurative painter and Gallery Director João de Brito, the city’s newest gallery will become a creative community that features a wide variety of talent and attracts art enthusiasts from around the world.
“We believe that the city of Oakland will become an East Bay destination for those who appreciate fine art,” says De Brito who travels extensively throughout, the U.S. and Europe to paint in oils en plein aire. “We’re very encouraged and excited because this undertaking works in tandem with other local redevelopment and renewal projects that are bringing out the best of this culturally rich region.“
De Brito’s works will be the first to be on exhibit at The Stone Art Gallery. His art is influenced by great French fauvists, California impressionists and Oakland’s Society of Six, though he often incorporates his Portuguese roots into his works. With connections to the Northern California Portuguese community, de Brito will donate 25% of sales from his paintings to San Jose’s Portuguese Heritage Museum during his two-month showing that ends January 31st.
Nudged between industrial buildings and factory warehouses at 600 50th Avenue, and sharing space with two other businesses, The Stone Art Gallery’s

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Grand opening will also feature the works of Jamie Abbott, well known in Northern California for his sculpting talents and Maria Leal da Costa, international known sculptor.
“Creative energy feeds off of creative energy,” says de Brito, “Therefore, I see this gallery as a place of intense inspiration.”
With a heart for visual art since early childhood, de Brito realized that the East Bay lacked sufficient space to highlight the works of artists, so he took action. “There is every reason to put Oakland on the fine arts map,” explains de Brito. “Art is truly part of Oakland’s past and a needed link to our future.”
At Present exhibits at The Stone Art Gallery will be featured for two months at a time.
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Joao de Brito Accepted into Private Arts Association

De Brito Invited into The Beachcombers

7/26/2005 - Capitola Painter Accepted into Private Arts Association
Impressionist João de Brito Makes an East Coast Impression

CAPITOLA, CA—On June 25, 2005, artist João de Brito was in Provincetown, Massachusetts for the opening of an exhibit at Thannassi Gallery. Following the reception, de Brito became the first Portuguese artist invited and accepted into The Beachcombers, a long-standing private organization that promotes fellowship among men engaged in the fine arts. Former members include an extensive line of well-known artists and writers such as American painter Charles Hawthorne, Ross Moffett, and literary greats John Dos Passos and Harry Kemp
“It is a great honor to have been invited into the organization,” said de Brito. “As an artist it will be a great outlet for me to talk about my work and to connect with talented individuals from all over the world.”
De Brito is a native of the Azores who immigrated to the United States with his family at age 10. Having grown up on the East Coast, the impressionist/figurative painter said he feels right at home at The Beachcombers headquarters, which is located on the Provincetown shoreline. Currently, de Brito lives in Capitola, California – a port city and a West Coast haven for artists and writers.
De Brito often travels abroad for inspiration and enlightenment. He recently

returned from a Portuguese government-sponsored trip where he toured the region with 16 writers, poets and artists from the US, Brazil and Canada. The Creative results include many new paintings depicting the beauty of Sao Miguel, St. George and Faial islands, several of which will be published in a ‘point of reference’ publication intended to promote the Portuguese culture through words and visual representation.
According to de Brito, membership in The Beachcombers provides an opportunity for the West Coast-based artist to return to the Eastern shore where his roots and heritage were established. “I have spent more than 20 years along the California coast and have enjoyed every moment, and yet I still feel at home in Provincetown,” explained de Brito. “What I have learned over the years is that life is a journey and that the path never ends at the city limits. There’s a world out there that I am a part of, and through my art, I can capture glimpses in order to share what I see with others.”
When he paints, De Brito draws from his Portuguese roots and incorporates influences by great French fauvists and early California impressionists such as August Gay, Seldon Gile and others. 

Portuguese Government Invites de Brito to Paint

João de Brito Travels with Brazilian, Canadian and American Creatives

7/18/2005 - Portuguese Government Invites Local Artist to Visit and Paint
João de Brito Travels with Brazilian, Canadian and American Creatives

CAPITOLA, CA—Impressionist/figurative painter João de Brito recently became a weeklong guest of the Portuguese government. From July 9th through the 15th, 2005, the Capitola resident joined 16 other specially selected artists, writers, poets and songwriters on a tour of the country that lies along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The purpose of the visit was for the group of creative Brazilians, Americans and Canadians to transform personal images of Portugal onto paper and canvas. When completed, the government plans to compile the artistic impressions into a “point of reference” publication for locals and people traveling abroad.
Highlights of de Brito’s trip included a dinner at the Palacio de Sant’Ana with His Excellency Carlos Cesar, the President of the Azores, as well as evenings at theaters, galleries and tours of several towns and cities. For his part, de Brito completed two large paintings while abroad, and is currently working on several more oils from his studio, each depicting landscapes of the beautiful Islands of Sao Miguel. In addition, de Brito is painting images from memories of time he spent on own touring the islands of St. George and Faial.
“There were so many magical moments,” said de Brito. “I saw things I’ve seen before – all in a new light. I was inspired by my fellow travelers and humbled to be with such creative, articulate people on a mission to promote the Portuguese culture.”
De Brito was born in the Azores. He immigrated with his family to the East Coast of the U.S. at age ten. In his early 20s, he relocated to the West Coast where he studied and has lived ever since. And while de Brito is proud to be an American citizen, he consistently draws from his Portuguese heritage when he paints, using vibrant colors that elicit light, life and energy. “My goal is to bring forth a sense of expectation,” de Brito explained. “My paintings are filled with hope because they encompass everything good about the earth.”
Recently, de Brito returned from two weeks in Italy, exploring and capturing Rome and Tuscany on canvas. He was also a featured artist at Many Hands Gallery in Capitola from April 1st through July 30th, where he holds the record for the most exhibited solo artist.
De Brito’s paintings have been acquired by a museum, government agencies, corporations and individuals. He has enjoyed successful shows in the Bay Area of California, Washington D.C., New England, Portugal and in the Monterey Peninsula. 

João de Brito Displays Current Works at Thanassi Gallery

Portuguese Artist Uses Color to Elicit Life

6/20/2005 - João de Brito Displays Current Works at Thanassi Gallery
Portuguese Artist Uses Color to Elicit Life

PROVINCETOWN, MA—Starting Saturday June 25th, current works of impressionist/figurative painter João de Brito will be on display at Thanassi Gallery on 234 Commercial Street in Provincetown. Influenced by great French fauvists and drawing from his Portuguese heritage, de Brito incorporates vibrant colors when painting in oils to elicit energy, life and expectation.
“I look for the beauty of the creator and the positive things in the world so that my paintings bring a sense of hope for the future,” de Brito explains. “It’s not fantasy, it’s the beautiful side of reality.”
De Brito was born in the Azores, grew up on the East Coast and now resides in Capitola, California, a small beach town known as an artistic haven along the Pacific Ocean. While he paints scenes depicting the natural beauty of the North Coast, he also travels internationally to express himself on canvas.
Recently, de Brito returned from two weeks in Italy, exploring and capturing Rome and Tuscany. “My goal is for people to feel good when they look at my paintings. I go for the gleam in the eye and the smile on the face.”
At present, de Brito’s works appear at Many Hands Galley through July 30th where he has been the featured artist since April 1st. Many Hands is located in
de Brito’s hometown of Capitola and he holds the record for the most exhibited solo artist at the gallery by the sea.
De Brito’s paintings have also been acquired by museums, government agencies, corporations and individuals. He has enjoyed successful shows in the Bay Area of California, Washington D.C., New England, the Azores, Portugal and in the Monterey Peninsula.
“Sometimes I feel like a fish swimming against the current,” de Brito says in relation to his positive images. “There is a lot of gloom in the world, but people are tired of that reality. They want to be lifted up and that is what I am inspired to do.”
Thanassi Gallery is located on the 234 Commercial Street. For more information, call 508-487-0233.

Exposição de pintura de João de Brito vai estar exposta ao público até ao dia 30 de Novembro

João de Brito en Exposição

6/17/2005 - Provinvetown, MA, Os trabalhos do pintor português João de Brito vai estar expostos a partir do dia 24 de Junho na galeria Thanassi, sita ao número 234 Commercial Road em Provincetown. João de Brito, pintor impressionista-figuraivo tem sido influenciado pelos fauvistas franceses e a essa influência, ele adiciona a sua herança portuguesa, daí resultando as cores vibrantes que denominam o seus óleos. “Eu procuro a beleza do criador e as coisas positivvas do mundo de modo que as minhas pinturas retratam um sentido de esperança no futuro, disse Brito, “não é fantasia, mas sim o lado bonito da realidade”.
De Brito foi nado e criado no arquipélgo dos Açores, cresceu e viviu na costa leste dos Estados Unidos e de momento reside na cidade de Capitola, no estado da California. A cidade de Capitola tem sido fonte de inspiração para Brito que também viaja pelo mundo à pricura das cores vibrantes da Natureza, tão caracteristicas da sua pintura.
Recentemente, Brito passou duas semanas em Itália, mais própriamente em Roma, explorando e capturando as cores da Tuscania. “O meu objectivo é que as pessoas se sintam bem quando olham para as minhas pinturas, eu procuro o brilho no olhar e no sorriso nos lábios”.

Esta exposição de pintura vai estar exposta ao público até ao dia 30 de Novembro,

sendo considerado o pintor que até agora mais tem exposto na cidade de Capitola.

As obras de De Brito têm sido adquiridas por particulares, agencias do governo, museus, por grandes companhias. As suas obras têm sido bem aceites pelos locais por onde tem viajado, California, Washington, peninsula de Monterey, New England, Açores e Portugal. “Às vezes sinto-me como um peixe a nadar na corrente, disse Brito na sua relação com as imagens que cria, mas a maior parte das pessoas está cansada dessa onde de tristeza e ha necessidade de se sentirem mais leves”.
A Galeria Thanassi está na 234 Commercial e para mais informações telefone para 508-4870233.

Local Artist Displays Works in New Zealand Gallery

Impressionist João de Brito Paints along the Bay of Plenty

3/11/2005 - CAPITOLA, CA—A three-week visit to New Zealand has turned into an international showing opportunity for local artist João de Brito. In early February, de Brito landed in Tauranga with plans to tour the countryside with friends who’d moved to the South Pacific Island. Instead, the impressionist artist found himself with oil paints, brushes and canvases, painting landscapes and seascapes along the Bay of Plenty. “The topography was extremely lush and green – it reminded me of my homeland,” said de Brito who was born and raised in the Portuguese Azores Islands. “I was so comfortable and inspired that I let go of my touring plans and allowed the artist to go to work.”

As de Brito traversed the Bay of Plenty coastline and set up his easel, he often painted alongside Maori artist Jo Puha, w ho lives in London and was on holiday visiting family. According to de Brito, the native New Zealand creatives shared their stories and their hearts, bringing the culture and the experience to life. “Spending time with the Maori was a highlight for me,” de Brito explained. “They helped me capture the essence of New Zealand and as a result, I was able to transform its beauty and strength onto canvas.”

During his Papamoa Beach stay, De Brito’s talents were made known to
Local ceramic artist Maureen Ball who with five other partners own and operate the Pyromania Art Center in downtown Tauranga, a city nicknamed ‘The Oceanic Paradise of New Zealand.’ Today, eight of de Brito’s New Zealand paintings are featured in the gallery, which is known internationally for its excellence in New Zealand arts and crafts. “I am honored that fellow artists appreciate my work and my representation of their countryside,” de Brito said.

De Brito has lived in the Monterey Bay Area for 20 years and displays many of his works at the Thanassi Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Nido Gallery in Monterey, California, and Many Hands Galleries in Capitola and Santa Cruz.

De Brito not only draws from his Portuguese roots when painting in oils, he incorporates influences by great French fauvists and early California impressionists such as August Gay, Seldon Gile and others. He has enjoyed successful shows in Washington D.C., New England, San Francisco, San Jose California, Ponta Delgada and Vila Franca do Campo, Azores.