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Nido Gallery exhibits Coastal Wetlands series by Joao de Brito

11/9/2005 -
Nido Gallery exhibits Coastal Wetlands series by Joao de Brito

11/05/2005 - Moss Landing, CA—Portuguese- American artist João de Brito, returns for the second year with his paintings of Coastal Wetlands scenes, with his colorful pallet he brings a sense of well-being and familiarity. Starting November 12th
de Brito’s nature-inspired oils – gleaned from many scenic sites around Elkhorn Slough nature reserve will be available for viewing and purchase at Nido Gallery in Moss Landing until January 27, 2006. Having lived in Northen California for more than 27 years, de Brito has spent a lot of time painting its natural beauty. As a result, he is often moved to put brush to canvas, depicting his own California imagery with vibrant colors. “Sometimes I think I see colors much different then most people,” de Brito explains. “I wander away from the most visited places at different times of the day so my paintings offer unique perspectives with unusual shades, sites and angles.” De Brito not only draws from his Portuguese - Azorean roots when painting in oils, he incorporates influences by great French fauvists, early California impressionists. The current series of ten paintings of Elkhorn Slough provide the focal point. _
This year, de Brito has exhibited his art in Georgia, Massachusetts, Portugal, Oakland, Santa Cruz and Capitola, California._“I paint from my heart so I’m honored that people enjoy my work,” says de Brito. “I will continue doing what I love and hoping that others will continue to see the value.” De Brito has five paintings exhibiting at the Nido Gallery 7951 Moss Landing Road , Moss Landing, CA. Tel.831-632-3801 web site

Portuguese Visionary Exhibits Paintings of Paradise

Capitola, California

4/24/2003 - Joao de Brito will display his art at the Many Hands Gallery located at 510 Bay Avenue in Capitola.

With successful shows in the Bay Area, Washington D.C., New England and the Azores during 2002, de Brito resolved to share his visual perceptions at home and to personalize his paintings with Northern California landscapes and seascapes.

"For several years I celebrated the heart of my homeland," de Brito said, referring to the Island of St. Michael in the Azores. "I painted from the eyes of a young boy – from my memories as a child, along with things I observed on my many return visits. For this show, I painted from the eyes of a man who is fortunate enough to live amid such beauty. I often refer certain places along the California Coast as paradise."

De Brito not only draws from his Portuguese roots, he is influenced by great French fauvists, and ironically, by many early California impressionists such as August Gay, Seldon Gile, Armin Hansen, Franz Bischoff and the "great" female artist E. Charlton Fortune. .

As the featured artist at Many Hands Gallery, 11 of de Brito’s works will hang along one wall for viewing and will be available for sale.

While painting has always been De Brito’s main passion, he spent many years as an art director and marketing consultant. Today, his energies are focused on creating art that produces both emotion and thought. "My paintings must say something; they must live on in the mind’s eye."

To view and/or purchase João de Brito’s paintings, visit the Many Hands Gallery at
511 Bay Avenue in Capitola California.
You can contact Joao de brito by phone: 408-348-3400

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