Portuguese TV interview on RTP Acores via Skype

Portuguese interview via  Skype April 1st, with Luciano Barcelos from the Acores TV program

This program bridges the gap between television and the Internet.



Airline Magazine Sata - Azorean Spirit

Sata Airlines Magazine in the current on board magazine - Azorean Spirit, has a section called "Notable People", I'm honored to be included with fellow artists, Domingos Rebelo, John Mattos, Joel Furtado, Nathan Oliveira, Mel Ramos, Tracy Silva Borba and Antonio DaCosta.




Joao de Brito exhibits at Center Street Grill 

Joao de Brito exhibits at Center Street Grill during the month of Feb.


Santa Cruz Art Center Presents – Marie Sarni & Coeleen Kiebert 


Santa Cruz Art Center – Marie Sarni & Coeleen Kiebert

Marie Sarni’s most recent series of paintings, geometric and biomorphic shapes overlap, push and shove each other as they compete for attention and dominance.

Coeleen Kiebert sculptures are being held over for an extra month
“Old Friends” is the title of Kiebert all new collection of ceramic sculptures, she selected glazes that bring to life these strong works full of emotions.

Artist reception:

Friday Nov. 2nd  5:30pm-8:00pm
1001 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA


Joao de Brito is featured at The Portuguese American Gateway 

The Portuguese American Gateway

Joao de Brito as an artist, is the featured national buisenes of the month at Palcus based in Washington D.C.


Center Street Grill Presents New Works By Joao de Brito 

Center Street Grill- Joao de Brito

Joao De Brito has become well-known for his use of vibrant colors that elicit light, life, energy and interpretive landscapes. Having unleashed a fresh creativity – inspired by memories of his homeland, scenes from the East and West Coast, and his many travels abroad – de Brito’s oils stimulate the sense of sight to produce emotion and thought. As a result, de Brito’s works appear in galleries, museums, businesses, government agencies and affluent homes around the world.

Friday Sept. 7th 5:30pm-8:30pm
1001 Center Street

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