Creative Retreat Tour in the Azores, Portugal

June16th - July 1st  2017


Join us on the archipelago of the Azores, Portugal ‐ in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for an “art and cultural retreat”,


For many years, artist and friends have asked about the influence Azores had on me as an artist. It’s always been difficult to describe it with words so I’ve wanted to share the experience of these wonderful islands for many years. So with requests from many friends, I’ve organized an “art & cultural retreat “ a creative retreat in Vila Franca do Campo, San Miguel, Azores ‐ my hometown, still unspoiled and peaceful.


This will be a creative retreat for artists that want to paint and create ceramic sculptures... without formal instruction but want to fellowship of other experienced artists for an interchange of ideas and inspiration at the same time experience the beauty and the culture of San Miguel Island.

The artist cultural retreat can be attended by anyone who has an interest in art, which could include ceramists, ceramic sculptors, writers, poets, photographers, etc., as well as more established painters who do not need instruction, but wish to have a studio available to create, want to interact with other artists, and be inspired by the glorious subject matter of Sao Miguel island.



Home base will be in Vila Franca do Campo, San Miguel. Centrally located on the southern part of island with some of the best beaches of the Azores.

The retreat will run just about two weeks, a schedule itinerary will be available for the attendees.

There will be no formal instruction or critique offered by anyone. Attendees to the retreat will have free time to engage in their particular artistic activities as well as participate in the scheduled cultural experience of the island.

We have schedule several cultural day trips around the island. Some will be a full day excursions while others will be half‐days for some traditional/cultural experiences as well as special locations to draw, sketch and paint or just for inspiration.

We are limiting this “art and cultural retreat” to a small group of people in order to maximize the experience. This group will be interacting and collaborate with local artists and artisans. Studios may be available for painting and to create ceramic works.


We hope you can join us on this retreat, if not, we have more retreats planned in the future.

For more information please contact: 

João de Brito on the contact page via email on this Website 

Creative Retreat in the Azores



Brief History

The town began to prosper again from the 18th century onwards from orange plantations, and later, from pineapple production.



São Miguel Island (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɐ̃w miˈgɛɫ]; named for the Archangel Michael or, literally, Portuguese for Saint Michael), is also referred to locally as "The Green Island", is the largest and most populous island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The island covers 759 km2 (293 sq mi) and has around 140,000 inhabitants, with 45,000 of these people resident in the largest city in the archipelago: Ponta Delgada.


Location: Vila Franca do Campo

Vila Franca do Campo (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈvilɐ ˈfɾɐ̃kɐ ðu ˈkɐ̃pu]) is a town and a municipality in the southern part of the island of São Miguel in the Portuguese Autonomous Region of the Azores. The municipality has a population of 11039 inhabitants and a total area of 77.88 km2; the town, which incorporates several parishes, has a population of over 5300 inhabitants.

Founded in the middle of the 15th century and declared a town (vila) in 1472, Vila Franca do Campo, quickly grew into the largest settlement and administrative seat of São Miguel.

The first capital of the island was Vila Franca do Campo, which was devastated by a major earthquake and landslides in 1522. The tragedy helped to elevate Ponta Delgada to the administrative and economic status of capital and business center from 1546.



Similar to other islands in the archipelago, São Miguel is influenced by ocean currents and winds, and in particular, the cyclonic Gulf Stream. It functions as a moderating force in the islands, keeping temperatures hovering between 14 °C (57 °F) and 26 °C (79 °F) throughout the year. The island's location also makes it susceptible to many Atlantic storms, and precipitation tends to be elevated during the winter periods.

Temperature: Average high ‐ 69.8 °F Average low ‐ 59.9 °F Precipitation –inches 48.5

Currency: Euro

Calling from US: 011 351 and number

Calling to Azores: 001 +area code and number

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